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Interior Design


Aer'temed Interiors is a full service interior design company. They provide services to both residential and commercial clients.  Each design is catered to meet the style of the client, by creating functional and sustainable solutions. 


As part of  the service clients are able to see a

3-D realistic view  of the project. This allows  Aer'temed Interiors to make their client's vision a reality.

Our interior designer services consist of:

  • Client Consultation

  • Space Planning

  • Color Therory

  • Floor Plan

  • Furniture Section

  • Paint/Color Palette

  • Layout Design

  • 3-D Realistic Rendering

e-design package sample for website - vision board.jpg
e-design package sample for website - sh



E- Design is a custom virtual tool which specializes in providing personalized interior design options. This individualized experience offers the client an opportunity to design a room without retaining the full services of Aer'temed Interiors.

Let's Get Started

1. First complete the questionnaire.

  • This will provide information about the project and the budget.

2. Provide measurements and photos of the room(s).  





3. Send us inspirational images.

  • The images as well as the online links will help to create the over aesthetics  of the design

 4. We will you send you a quote.


 5. A PayPal invoice will be sent via email.​

  • Once payment is paid in full, the design process will began. 

How the Process Works

1. After reviewing the questionnaire:

  • A preview of the project will be provided.

  • Questions and feedback will be conducted throughout the design process. 

  • (1) Complimentary revision.

2. Once the design has been approved and finalized:

  • The client will received a completed E-design package of the project.

3. In the package it will consist of:

  • Digital Vision Board - Displaying the materials and furniture.

  • Floor Plan - Layout of the design project.

  • Shopping List - Information for products to purchase, as well as project and design notes.

4. Allow 2-3 weeks for completion and delivery unless otherwise stated. 

3-D Rendering


Aer’temed Interiors offers their clients a 3- D rendering design of the project/or space.  We also offer this service to

other interior designers with different comprehensive packages. This will allow those designers to present their clients with a realistic layout.

The interior designer will need to provide:

  • Measurements

  • Pictures

  • Furniture

  • Color/paint

  • Fabric 

  • Inspirational Images

Throughout the process Aer'temed Interiors will work exclusively with the designer. 

There are several packages offered, to ensure clients' satisfaction. Depending on the package selected a furniture plan, paint color palette, realistic rendering and a floor plan can be included. 

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