E - Design

What is E-Design?


 E- Design is a custom virtual tool which specializes in providing personalized interior design options. This individualized experience offers the client an opportunity to design a room without retaining the full services of Aer'temed Interiors.

Let Get Started

1. First complete the questionnaire.

  • This will provide information about the project and the budget.

 2. Provide measurements and photos of the room(s).  

3. Send us inspirational images.

  • The images as well as the online links will help to create the over aesthetics    of the design

 4. We will you send you a quote.


 5. A PayPal invoice will be sent via email.​

  • Once payment is paid in full, the design process will began. 

How the Process Works


  1. After reviewing the questionnaire:

  • A preview of the project will be provided.

  • Questions and feedback will be conducted throughout the design process. 

  • (1) Complimentary revision.


2. Once the design has been approved and finalized:

  • The client will received a completed E-design package of the project.

3. In the package it will consist of:

  • Digital Vision Board - Displaying the materials and furniture.

  • Floor Plan - Layout of the design project.

  • Shopping List - Information for products to purchase, as well as project and design notes.

4. Allow 2-3 weeks for completion and delivery unless otherwise stated. 

Schedule your appointment with us today and book online, so we can design your next project.